Rates and fees

ktloans.net won’t charge you any fee for browsing our network of lenders. We simply serve as a link between you and the loan resources you need, so it is not our place to collect fees or set terms.

After receiving your online application, ktloans.net will connect you with the most suitable lenders. Once you are in contact with a lender, it is your job to determine if their rates, fees and services are in your best interest. All of this information will be covered in detail on the lender’s contract. Review these details thoroughly before entering into an agreement with the lender.

Remember, you are not bound by the terms until you sign the electronic signature page. If you find the fees and terms unappealing, return to the list of advised lenders and choose another one. Browsing through our network is a free service, so never accept a lender’s offer if you are uncertain of your ability to repay it by the due date.

In some cases, state or federal laws and regulations may influence certain aspects of cash advance loans. As these regulations vary by location, you’ll need to research your local laws to discover the permissible maximums and minimums of these loans.


As you work with the lenders offered by ktloans.net network, there’s no need to fret about secret fees or ambiguous terms. The Truth in Lending Act is a federal law that requires cash advance loan lenders to disclose information about the terms and costs of their contracts. This act ensures that consumers like you are well informed before agreeing to a lender’s conditions. If any aspects of the contract remain a mystery to you after the disclosure, direct your inquiries toward the lender.

Comparison to Bank Loans

When dealing with bank loans you may have to navigate through a maze of requirements and settle for strict terms. A credit check may also be required before you’re approved for the funds. With all these steps in place, it’s no wonder that receiving a bank loan can take days or weeks. Even after the approval process is complete, you must wait for the funds to be transferred. Why deal with this extra hassle when you are already facing a financial crisis? You need those funds as soon as possible.

ktloans.net provides you with quick and easy access to emergency funds. There is no need to locate a bank or wait in line. The application and approval process is swift if you have the necessary information prepared. In addition, once you’ve selected a lender and signed a contract, the transfer takes place almost immediately. This leaves you with plenty of time to address your financial troubles.

Keep in mind that due to the speed of the application process and lack of a credit check, the interest rates of cash advance loans tend to be higher than the rates of most bank loans. However, as long as you plan your expenses carefully, ktloans.net can help you find relief from financial pressures in no time.

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